Bedwetting…. What Kids Need To Know!

Bedwetting is not something that kids talk about. Kids talk to each other about all sorts of things but most will NEVER talk about bedwetting. You have friends that are wetting the bed too, but you probably aren’t telling them and they’re not telling you either!! Does it make you feel alone, like you’re the only one?

Many millions of people wet the bed, NOT JUST KIDS AND TEENS!!

You are not alone. We know you are not doing this on purpose. We know that you are not a “baby” and we know you are not immature. Bedwetting happens because you sleep like a GORILLA!

The very deep sleep probably came from someone in your family. Maybe one of your parents, maybe a grandparent, a cousin, an aunt or an uncle. Some people have the deep sleep and don’t wet the bed, some may walk in their sleep, while others may have night terrors (a night terror is like a night mare but the person having it doesn’t remember it). Bedwetting happens because you are a very deep sleeper. Your parents could drive a Mack truck through your bedroom or swing you around by your big toe and you probably wouldn’t wake up or remember it in the morning!

Sometimes there is only one bedwetter in the family. Maybe you have brothers or sisters who never wet the bed and you’re the only one. That can make you feel worse. It is important for you to understand that you are not a baby. Your brothers and sisters probably don’t sleep as deeply as you do. Bedwetting is “inherited”, which means it runs in the family. Some children inherit brown hair, some blond. Some children inherit straight hair, some curly. Some children inherit green eyes, some brown. And…some children inherit the deep sleep disorder and some don’t!

Many bedwetters have daytime problems too! Because you sleep so deeply, your bladder empties without you knowing it. Emptying your bladder all the time at night causes you to have a little bladder. It never gets a chance to stretch. Have you ever played with a water balloon? See if you can answer these questions:

If you fill a balloon with water, and leave the water in it all night long and then pop it in the morning, what will happen to the balloon? Will it be all wrinkly and stretched or will it be real tiny again? Your right!! It will be wrinkly and stretched. Why? Because the water stayed in the balloon all night long and caused it to stretch. But what happens if you fill the balloon, and as soon as you fill it, you empty it out. Will it shrink back to a small balloon or will it be all stretched and wrinkled? Right again, it will shrink because it didn’t have time to stretch. Same with your bladder. If it’s always emptying…it never has time to stretch.

Here are some other problems that bedwetters may have during the day:

Daytime accidents in your pants, leaking in your pants, having to go to the bathroom at the last minute and having to go to the bathroom a bunch of times in a short period of time. This comes from your brain sleeping too deeply to get your body muscles to do what they are supposed to do. You have a muscle at the bottom of your bladder which has 2 jobs. It is supposed to lock the “pee” inside your bladder and it’s supposed to feel when your bladder first starts to get full and also feel when it’s really empty.

Well, we already know that it’s not locking, is it? So what happens to a muscle if it isn’t working right? Does it get strong or weak? Right again…it gets weak. So if that muscle is weak…it must be having a really hard time holding your “pee” even during the day and it isn’t giving you any warnings that your bladder is getting full so all of a sudden, at the very last second…you have to go to the bathroom really badly! It’s not your fault and you’re not being lazy…you just weren’t able to feel it.

Isn’t it amazing that all of the wetting problems, daytime and night time, are from sleeping like a gorilla? It’s not from drinking too much, it’s not because you stay up too late, it’s not because you’re immature…it’s because YOU CAN’T WAKE UP!!

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