Your Urinary System

Bedwetting prevents proper development of the
sphincter muscle and under-development of the bladder.


To understand your urinary system, you must understand how it functions. Your urinary system consists of five parts: your kidneys, your ureters, your bladder, your sphincter muscle, and your urethra.

Your kidneys are a filter. They filter our blood and produce urine, which flows to your bladder through the ureters. Urine is then locked in your bladder (which is like a water balloon), by a strong circular muscle called a sphincter muscle or lock muscle.

Your bladder sends signals to your brain when it is filling, and your brain decides whether or not it is time to empty. Then your brain sends a message to relax your sphincter muscle, and urine is released and flows down your urethra and out of your body.

your urinary system
The bedwetter has the same urinary system that everyone else has. But, because the brain is sleeping so deeply, the sphincter muscle isn’t being instructed to lock the urine inside. Thus, the sphincter muscle isn’t working at night. This causes it to be weak, and the bladder empties at will during the night creating a small bladder capacity.

We do some simple exercises that will gradually increase bladder capacity so that once treatment is completed, the bedwetter isn’t having to get up several times a night to empty his or her bladder. And, we do other exercises to strengthen the sphincter muscle.

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