How Our Program Works

Four Steps To Success…

The first step is to call the Enuresis Treatment Clinic at 216-229-7777 to arrange your Assessment Appointment. The Assessment can be conducted in person, or by phone, and can be scheduled daytime, evenings or on Saturdays. This appointment is educational for both of us. We educate you with regard to all of the things you should know about bedwetting, and you in turn, share with us, what we need to know to help your bedwetter.

Step 1: The Assessment

Bedwetting Advice, Help Stop BedwettingBedwetting Advice, Help Stop BedwettingWe will provide an overview describing the inherited deep sleep disorder that is the cause of the bedwetting, and its resulting symptoms. We will take a history of the patient and explain what we will do to end the bedwetting, and the underlying sleep disorder. Because of the condition, bedwetters frequently suffer low self-esteem, therefore, special attention to that issue will be provided. With the extensive education provided in the Assessment, the bedwetter and his/her family learn that the condition is not their fault.

Step 2: Assigning Your Counselor

Since each bedwetter is unique, and their psychological make-up and habits are different, treatment is individualized. When the family decides to proceed with treatment, we start the program by sending out supplies and scheduling another appointment to begin treatment. At that time, we will assign one of our treatment counselors to work with you throughout the treatment program.

Step 3: The Process

Bedwetting Advice, Help Stop BedwettingOur program involves work in three major areas. The first is the sleep disorder itself. By using our proven, drug-free, bio-feedback technique, we use each wetting episode as an opportunity to reverse the sleep pattern into the pattern of non-bedwetters. At the same time, we introduce exercises to increase bladder capacity and to strengthen bladder sphincter muscles.

Step 4: Making the Program Work for You

Bedwetting Advice, Help Stop BedwettingOur highly trained enuresis counselors provide treatment over the telephone if time and distance make face-to-face appointments inconvenient, or impossible.


We hear so often, “If only we had heard about you sooner…” (especially from our graduates). Curing bedwetting, by getting to the root of the problem, has been our focus since 1995, and with a success rate of at least 95%. You can be confident that our treatment is right for you.