Meet Our Staff

Shelly Morris…Director of the Enuresis Treatment Clinic of America, Shelly suffered with bedwetting for 19 years, as did several other family members. She is the leader in the field of curing enuresis and brings extensive management and training skills to ETC-A. In 1996, Shelly originated the concept of treating patients in need, worldwide. Contacted through the internet and email, she devised a method of treating patients by telephone. While she misses meeting “long distance” families in person, the 95% cure rate has not changed at all.

To read Shelly’s Story, click here and relate to her real life experiences and frustrations as a bedwetter herself.

Meir Daller, MD…Our Medical Consultant, Dr. Meir Daller, is a highly respected Urologists in Southwest Florida. Through years of working with Enuretic patients, he is acutely aware that the traditional medical methods are not the answer. After looking closely at our proven, common sense approach to curing Enuresis, Dr. Daller states, “Bedwetting patients are often a frustration for pediatricians and urologists. It makes sense that bedwetters don’t just close their eyes at night and suddenly have a physical or psychological problem. The Enuresis Treatment Clinic of America looks at the whole picture and cures the sleep disorder while at the same time making certain that the physical symptoms, caused by the bedwetting episodes, are also addressed.”

Bob Walden, BA…Bob acts both as a treatment counselor and the counselor coordinator for the Enuresis Treatment Clinic of America. Bob schedules and chairs the weekly staff meetings where all active cases are discussed, particularly the more difficult ones. From those meetings, a detailed plan is developed utilizing the combined knowledge and experience possessed by our staff.

Bob has many years of experience, working and interacting with children of all ages through his work with many youth sports organizations and his involvement in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organizations.

Corinne Knol, BA…Corinne is a welcome addition to the ETC-A team. She recently returned stateside from the Netherlands, where she worked helping expat families to integrate into a new society and culture. Prior to that she spent five years as a marketing Representative at Discovery Networks in New York City (Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Kids). Corinne loves kids and has worked with them in several capacities including camp counselor and various volunteer positions. She holds a BA in Journalism with a focus on Psychology.

Fran Chaiken… Fran has great compassion for enuretics and their families. She too has a daughter who suffered with bedwetting for many years. Fran worked with bedwetters and their families for 6 years prior to joining the Enuresis Treatment Clinic. She has the exceptional ability to listen to, and understand the frustrations and helplessness that they all encounter. Fran’s value to our clinic, both in her administrative position and her one-on-one contact with our patients, is unsurpassed.