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mayo clinic on bedwetting

New York Times article on bedwetting


  • Mother of a 15 year old girl

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    "If l had listened to our pediatrician's advice, we would not have sought treatment for Amy and I firmly believe we would still be having wet beds and inflicting needless psychological damage on Amy!"

  • Parents of a 4 year old boy

    Grand Prairie, Texas

    "Now that the problem has been solved, Nicholas is free to spend the night at a friend's home, camp-out and enjoy all of the things that a young boy should."

  • Parents of a 14 year old boy

    Cape Town, South Africa

    "We cannot express the feeling we have when Jonathan asks for that second glass of milk at dinner or cola just before bedtime and we say yes! Or how great it is to see him have a friend over to spend the night or better yet, spend the night at a friend's house."

  • Parents of a 10 year old boy

    Toledo, Ohio

    "We have been coming to the Enuresis Treatment Clinic for 5 months now. When we started Sean was completely wetting himself every single night sometimes 2 or 3 times a night. There is no way that we could put a price tag on the wonderful change we have seen in our son, Sean. He is now dry every night! It was well worth the price and the effort to make this change happen for Sean. Thank you for a job well done."

  • Regina

    Saskatchewan, Canada

    "After 12 years of trying to get Jeff some help we had finally decided there was none. That's when we heard of your clinic. Now after 6 months on your program Jeff is completely cured. It has not only changed Jeff's life it has changed the whole family's life. Jeff can now travel and have friends sleep over. His whole outlook on life has changed and he is such a happy person now. Thank you seems minor after all you have done for us. We will always remember what you did."

  • A 16 year old girl

    Hampshire, Illinois

    "I am a 16-year old girl and happy to say, a former bed-wetter. Today, April 29th, 1996 I graduated from the enuresis program. ... As I write this letter I remember the hardships I had to go through to finally get cured. It is very tough for bed-wetters. They feel all alone, even though bed-wetting is very common. I used to sit in my room at night and cry, because I thought I was the only one out there and I could never do anything about it."

  • A 28 year old female

    Clarksville, Tennessee

    "It was a very quick and painless treatment. I just can't say enough about the clinic. I had tried everything. I would highly recommend this clinic. It gets a four star rating in my book."

  • Father of a 9 year old girl

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    "Our own pediatrician was willing to let us experiment with DDAVP. We used the maximum dose for a month but Cara was not dry even one night. Our pediatrician's final advice was to "Just relax and let Cara outgrow the enuresis." In retrospect we wish we had known about your program when our daughter was age four or five."

  • Mother of a 15 year old girl

    Huntsville, Alabama

    "Thank you for the freedom and self confidence your program has offered Sarah. I know each morning begins on a brighter note."

  • A 30 year old female

    Boston, Massachusetts

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and counseling in overcoming a sleeping disorder which has labeled me as a primary bedwetter for over 30 years."

  • A 13 year old girl

    Anaheim, California

    "I was sure I would have this bedwetting problem for life. But thanks to you I don't!"

  • Parents of an 8 year old boy

    Newark, Delaware

    "Even though we were only in your area for a few days, you folks accommodated us and squeezed us into your already busy schedule. We are so glad you did! Enclosed is a picture of Jonathan in his new soccer uniform. It represents the freedom we have to do things and go places now that we have control of the enuresis instead of it controlling us."

  • Father of a 6 year old boy

    Mt. Clemens, Michigan

    "It is so great to have Mario get out of bed every morning with that look on his face like he just hit a "homerun" with the bases loaded."

  • Mother of 10 year old girl

    The Woodlands, Texas

    "No one ever mentioned sleep disorder to us.  When we learned about this program my husband and I were very skeptical, yet our hearts told us that this made sense. We prayed a lot for the answer and we found it".

  • – Mom and Dad of 14 year old boy

    New York, NY

    "Our Pediatrician suggested we call you because some of her other patients raved about your bedwetting program.  Now we are among your many success stories after only 5 1/2 months!  We can't thank you enough, Shelly and Enuresis Treatment Clinic staff...Keep up the great work!!"

  • – Parents of a 13 year old boy

    Sarasota, Florida

    "I only wish we had known about this sooner. Caleb's bedwetting caused him to miss out on so many things that are a normal part of growing up like camps, scouting overnights, sleepovers. Thank you Enuresis Treatment Clinic, we will be forever grateful!"