Treating Bedwetting Throughout the United States

Because of the sensitivity of this issue, we, at the Enuresis Treatment Clinic have implemented the use of for our patients who would prefer seeing us instead of talking on the phone. Most of you know about Skype, which is a free program for making live calls over the internet.

To start using Skype, go to and download their free software. With the use of a microphone and your computer speakers, you are now ready to call other Skype users, all over the world, at no charge.

Skype can be downloaded to Windows, Mac OS X, Linus, and most pocket PC’s.  The calls have excellent sound quality and are highly secure with end-to-end encryption.  You won’t have to reconfigure your firewall, router or any other networking parameter.

To download Skype to your computer, simply click the link above and then click the download link.

Save the installation file to your computer.  Be sure to remember where you saved the file (your desktop may be a good place).  Once the file has downloaded completely, open the folder containing the file and double click the installation file.

If you wish, you can allow Skype to start automatically each time you start your operating system. With Skype always running, other users will be more likely to find you online.  You can change these settings at anytime from the Skype program by going to the “file” menu and selecting “options”.

Other features offered by Skype:

A.       International Global User Directory  which is a giant phonebook of all the people who use

           Skype.  You can use it to search for people you’d like to talk to.  Have your international

           friends download Skype and become registered in this directory.

B.       Conferencing  is offered on completely secure lines for you and up to four others to

           conduct business meetings or simply have a chat even if you’re on different continents.

C.       Instant Messaging  is another feature offered by Skype.  This feature originated in Europe

          several years ago and has quickly caught on in the rest of the world.

D.       File Transfer  can be used to send an important document to your colleague.  Download

           a pix from the web that you want your friends to see.  You can send them through Skype

           file transfer.  It’s secure and encrypted, like the rest of Skype, and handles files of any size.

E.        Video Calls can be completed anywhere in the world with free one-on-one video

            conversions.  We recently invested in a $39.00 camera that allows us to see our patients

            and allows them to view us during our treatment appointments.

Since 1995, with the advent of the internet, we have successfully treated patients throughout the United States.  For additional information, call us at 216-229-7777.

These services are not just for international or business calling.  They are great for personal use. They are fun to use and to see your friends and family as well, whether you are miles apart or right next door.